Monday, September 29, 2008

We need a new bassist... again.

A few requirements:

1. Must have legit, show ready equipment. If you're unsure about what qualifies as legit then you don't have it.

2. Stage experience.
Keeping up musically is one thing but we're a live band first and foremost so posting up and chilling out near your amp during shows is not an option

3. You gotta be down to chill with us outside the band. You should also be old enough to chill. This means you need to be at least 18 though we'd prefer keeping it 21 and up.

4. Financial responsibility. We all have day jobs and we pay rent on a practice room so we can do this band. We'll need you to pitch in at least 50 bucks a month and be able to drop a few bills on recording, merch, bar tabs, etc.


Get at us if you're interested. We'll be holding auditions soon.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

City and Colour...

...was great except for the douchebags.

The worst offenders...

Coolpix Bitch
Calm down with the cameras kids, you don't need photographic proof of every event in your life. Nor are you a professional photographer with your Nikon Coolpix digital camera. Most of all just stay out of my way if you're insistent on snapping pictures every five seconds. I don't want your fat, sweaty tits on my neck while you're leaning in to get a shot. There's a reason I stand to the side of the crowd sometimes. To get away from people like you.

Blackberry Douche
Also, if you're going to pay the money to get into a concert at least show some interest in the band. This goes out to the obnoxious shits in the back buzzing around the bar talking VERY loudly on their phones the entire time. It doesn't make you seem important. At all. Not even a little bit. I don't care what club your friend is at and I doubt anyone else within earshot of you cares either. Button up your shirt, wash the gel out of your hair and kindly fuck off.

Here's the lesson. Next time you go to a show, don't be these people. it's worse than being "that guy" and if you don't know who "that guy" is... well... you're probably him.

Stop it.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The more things change...

It's no big secret we've been out of the "scene" for a good minute. We had a nice little run for a while until life intervened and we found ourselves occupied by different pursuits.

Well we're back at it now and frankly I gotta wonder what the hell happened while we were gone?

Time was you could find a lineup of bands who didn't all sound the same but could all appeal to each others crowd. Now it seems as though everyone has positioned themselves squarely on opposite ends of the spectrum. Everybody around here is either doing chug-chug-breakdown-pig squeal deathcore or sugary sweet, dancy electro pop. As you can imagine this is making booking shows a friggin nightmare.

As for now we're getting a list of venues and booking agents together so we can take some of this into our own hands and keep from getting mismatched at every show. We're working on getting shows set up all over DFW and also out into Denton, Wichita Falls and eventually Austin. Anyone wanna hop aboard?

I'd stay tuned if I were you. This could get pretty wacky.

Our first post will be cut short...

Frog here,

I should make a grand post introducing you to the new blog and setting everything up for you so you know what to expect going forward.

I really should.

I'm not going to though because I have to get ready for work.

Also, I need to poop.