Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The more things change...

It's no big secret we've been out of the "scene" for a good minute. We had a nice little run for a while until life intervened and we found ourselves occupied by different pursuits.

Well we're back at it now and frankly I gotta wonder what the hell happened while we were gone?

Time was you could find a lineup of bands who didn't all sound the same but could all appeal to each others crowd. Now it seems as though everyone has positioned themselves squarely on opposite ends of the spectrum. Everybody around here is either doing chug-chug-breakdown-pig squeal deathcore or sugary sweet, dancy electro pop. As you can imagine this is making booking shows a friggin nightmare.

As for now we're getting a list of venues and booking agents together so we can take some of this into our own hands and keep from getting mismatched at every show. We're working on getting shows set up all over DFW and also out into Denton, Wichita Falls and eventually Austin. Anyone wanna hop aboard?

I'd stay tuned if I were you. This could get pretty wacky.

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