Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Why you should support Arlington venues...

Allow me to editorialize for a minute.

I'm originally from Arlington and always wished there were decent venues in town. I spent a lot of years driving to Ft Worth, Denton and Dallas just to catch a show.

Well now that there are venues in Arlington they need your support. Come out, check out shows, support bands, buy merch. It takes more than bands and clubs to build a scene. You get back what you put in.

So that in mind don't wreck your local venues. Don't sabotage what could be an amazing thing. Arlington is a prime, central location for bands to play and draw people from all over DFW. It's not gonna build though if venues get sketchy reputations because of how kids behave at shows. Please don't kill Arlington music by disrespecting the venues, promoters and bands that work so hard to put these shows together and give you something to do with your time.

Hope to see you guys and gals here,
Frog Alibi